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Guide to Auto Glass Repair or Replacement Our car windshields are made up of two layers of glass glued together but separated by a complete layer of polyvinyl butyrate. This PVB layer basically acts as glue and seal that puts the two pieces of glass together to serve several purposes. One of the main reasons for this material in between the glasses is so that the windshield will not completely shatter when an accident occurs. Whenever there is a damage seen in an auto glass, most vehicle owners quickly look for something to replace it. The truth is that vehicle owners do not really need to replace the entire windshield for glass cracks since auto shops can do glass repair services, but the problem is that most insurance companies only give vehicle owners the option to replace the entire windshield which is difficult to find and very costly too. The good thing is that today, most insurance companies, are already covering windshield repair instead of windshield replacement. As long as the damage is controlled and in a small location with minimal cracks then a repair is often the easiest and most cost effective solution. The cost of repair is immensely low, far less than the deductible for most insurance companies to replace your auto glass. For as low as $50 you can have your auto glass good as new, that is, if the crack or chip is a single or small one. $15 each after the first additional chips or cracks are also typically charge, and $150 for larger ones. This is quite a small amount compared to paying around $10000 for a brand new replacement.
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Though one cannot really stop damaging a windshield from occurring, there are a few ways in which you can reduce the probability of getting a chip in your windshield. Some ways to avoid getting your windshield damaged is not to follow a car too closely, and if you are following a grave or a loose debris hauler truck, make sure you stay as far as 6 cars away.
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Sometimes you have to replace your windshield in order for you to stay safe and this happens in several scenarios including when there are several chips in your windshield, when the cracks exceed 6 inches, when the chip is bigger than a quarter, and when the damage is in front of the driver. Repairing or replacement of damaged windshield should be given to a reliable repair or replacement technician. The repair should bring back your windshield to perfect condition, that is, with maximum visibility and safety. Poor quality repairs can lead to more damage and potential injury in an accident.