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Different Types of Dental Procedures.

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with the study of the mouth area. It is involved in the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of illness in the mouth area. Dentists objectively treat problems of the teeth Dentists read about the tooth extensively. Dentistry is necessary with the well-being of the oral cavity There are different types of dental treatments Dental treatment is dependent on the problem in the overall region. Dentistry requires treatment of the mouth region. Dental problems are the largest in the world according to WHO. Dental the disease mostly affects the less privileged in society.

Dental procedures are conducted to prevent oral disease. The first oral diseases are dental caries and periodontal disease. The most common dental procedures are teeth restoration and surgical removal of teeth. Root Canal, root planning, and scaling are other types of dental procedures.

The following list is made up of dental treatment procedures. Bonding, this involves repairing a tooth that has decayed or fractured using a plastic known as resin. Dental braces are a common way of treating teeth that are not aligned. They are metallic structures that put pressure on the teeth and straighten them. Bridges and implants are a type of treatment that is used to replace teeth. Braces are fake teeth attached to the neighbouring teeth. Implants are false teeth which are rooted to the gum.
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Crown and caps are used to repair broken and damaged teeth. Dental Crowns are also known as caps. It is applied over a tooth rooted to the gum Dentures are used to fill the place where lost teeth were. False teeth are called dentures. Dentures replace full or part of the tooth.
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Decayed teeth are surgically extracted. Dental extraction is the permanent removal of a tooth for orthodontic treatment. Repairing and filling are the most done procedures by dentists. Filling is restoring teeth by filling the spaces cause by the damage on the tooth. Periodantal the disease is treated using gum surgery. Periodontititis is the infection of the gum and jaw bone that causes teeth loss . Gum the disease occurs in two stages. The first is gingivitis that causes little damage to the tooth and can be reversed. Gum surgery is used to handle the final stage which is the periodontitis stage.

Root the canal is another dental procedure. Root canal includes exposing the tooth to be cleaned. The open spaces are sanitized and filled. Oral cancer test is another form of dental treatment.

Dentists use sealants to protects the tooth from damage. Dental sealants are laid on the top surface of the tooth. The the cover prevents decaying bacteria from growing. Dental sealants are used to cover the molars and the premolars mostly. Decayed Teeth, fractured teeth use veneers to restore them. Veneers help in closing gaps between teeth.